Focus Bikes was founded in 1992 by Mike Kluge, who promised many if he ever won a world Cyclocross title, he would begin manufacturing his own bikes. Kluge claimed the professional CX world title in the ’92 season. In 1993 the company partnered with the manufacturer Derby Cycle Werke to begin the production of bicycle for consumers.

 In 1993 Mike Kluge became German National Champion and runner-up World Champion riding a FOCUS bike.

In 1994 the first production line brought out 6 mountain bike models. The following year the company expanded to produce touring bicycles. n 2003 the company began to produce racing bicycles and by 2006 the company produced its first carbon fiber frames. In 2008 a joint production effort between Andreas Walser saw the company produce a time trial bike.

2009 saw Focus Bikes set up subsidiaries in the United States and Italy.  A European wide advertising campaign on Eurosport TV channel ignited the growth and popularity of the brand. This included the sponsorship of German professional road cycling team Milram.

Domestically, Focus Bikes Australia sponsors 4 National Road Series teams, A national Cyclocross Team, and selected MTB riders.

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